Michael Ten-Pow
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Founder @ Tensor9
Chief Engineer @ BlueCrew
Principal Engineer @ Amazon with the Automated Marketing team
Footballer @ Morvant Caledonia United
Engineer @ Amazon Web Services with the S3 team

B.A. Computer Science - Princeton University - Class of 2007

About me:

I currently spend my time with Tensor9, a software company I started to help improve internet security and privacy. You can learn more here: tensor9.com.

Prior to that, I spent 13 years as an engineer at Amazon. I joined the company straight out of school in 2007 and left as a Principal Engineer in 2020.

I was part of the early AWS team - and got to work with some truly incredible minds. I'm most proud of our work on S3's consistency model. You can learn more here: All Things Distributed. I also spent time working in Amazon's retail business - building privacy preserving systems.

Between Amazon and Tensor9 I spent a year as Chief Engineer at Bluecrew, a startup that helps people find work. I'm proud of the societal impact of our efforts at Bluecrew. You can learn more here: bluecrewjobs.com.

I studied compilers at Princeton; I'm always interested in discussions about that and other similarly technical topics.

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